Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Patients, 


As we are in the midst of an unprecedented time, I want to assure you that we at Avant Allergy are working hard to minimize your risk and ours.  As allergic and immunologic ailments do not stop, and typically worsen during springtime, I will remain available to you via telehealth visits and in the office for essential treatments such as biologic administration and allergy shots. 

Office staff is minimized and we are spacing patients such that there is no more than 1 patient at a time in the office unless you are accompanying your child for a visit. We are wiping down rooms between each patient and deep cleaning morning and evening. 

Patients that are ill will be seen as telehealth visits for triage and redirected as appropriate. 

I am committed to the safety and service of our community. We are in this together. 


Stay well. 

Sandra A. Ho, MD

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