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If you struggle to catch your breath or feel your chest tighten after exposure to allergens or exercise, you could be among the 25 million Americans with asthma. At Avant Allergy in Los Angeles, California, Sandra A. Ho, MD, diagnoses and customizes asthma treatment plans to help you manage your symptoms. To find out if you have asthma or to learn how to manage your symptoms, call the practice or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is a long-term, sometimes lifelong condition that often starts in childhood. It causes the airways of the lungs to narrow and makes it hard to breathe periodically. People of all ages experience asthma. 

How is asthma diagnosed?

The medical team at Avant Allergy completes a comprehensive physical exam, discusses your symptoms, and goes over your medical history with you to diagnose asthma. Lung function tests and chest or sinus X-rays may be ordered. If you or your child is having trouble breathing after exercise or being outdoors, don’t ignore the symptoms. Call Avant Allergy or use the online tool to schedule an appointment to find out if you have asthma and learn how to manage your symptoms.

What are asthma symptoms?

Asthma symptoms vary in severity from one person to the next. You may experience shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness once in a while, or you may have asthma symptoms daily. Allergies can trigger asthma symptoms for some people, while others may have asthma symptoms after being exposed to cold air, laughing, exercising, or having a viral infection. Severe asthma symptoms that come on suddenly are called asthma attacks, and may be life-threatening.

How is asthma managed?

A customized asthma treatment plan is created for every asthma patient to effectively manage symptoms. There’s no cure for asthma but understanding what triggers your asthma makes it possible to prevent frequent asthma symptoms. Asthma management involves either quick-relief medicines, taken when asthma symptoms occur, long-term control to prevent asthma symptoms, or a combination of both strategies. For allergy-triggered asthma, treating the underlying allergies is a potential solution to manage asthma.

Frequent asthma symptoms management

Asthma symptoms that occur frequently need long-term control medication to help prevent the symptoms. Long-term control medications are used daily, even when you’re not experiencing asthma symptoms, to prevent inflammation of your airways.

Occasional asthma or asthma attack management

Quick-relief medication, such as albuterol inhalers, control asthma symptoms that occur only occasionally. They’re also used to calm the symptoms of an asthma attack, as they offer quick relief and open the airways to make it easier to breathe.

To find out if you have asthma and get an effective asthma treatment plan, call Avant Allergy today or book an appointment online.